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The Coolest organic healthy millet porridge known as Ragi Koozh in Tamil Nadu.

Ragi Koozh/ Finger millet porridge

Ragi is also known as finger millet is a rich powerhouse of calcium, protein, fiber, iron, and different minerals. I normally drink oats porridge or ragi porridge for my morning breakfast. Ragi generally is loaded with calcium and incredible for bone wellbeing. Being abundant in iron, ragi also benefits from further developing hemoglobin levels. Today let us figure out how to make Ragi koozh/keppai koozh following an age-old formula. I got this recipe from my mother-in-law as she prepares the best porridge or Koozh as we call it Tamil Nadu.

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One of the Best Christmas Must Have Grapevine Recipe from God’s Own Country!

Homemade Grapevine

Being from an Orthodox Malayali Christian family, the first question I get from my friends during the Christmas season is about the homemade wine, the recipe, the process, the number of days, and the most common one being the easiest that’s do you sell it? one bottle pls… Till my marriage, I never knew the process, etc.… but I used to plead with mom or Grandma for wine bottles. But after marriage, my better half being from a different upbringing wanted to try this. That’s how my journey started with Wine Making.  

Both of us are real foodies and like to try anything traditional dishes from scratch so we did many trials & errors finally from big research with lots of elders in my family got this recipe. The traditional recipe was to keep the grape mixture for 41 days in ceramic jars. Christmas dinner, particularly among Kerala Catholics, isn’t finished without a glass of homemade sweet grape wine and a piece of plum cake.

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